20 Aug 2020

Sid’s Mic Case

Connections Magazine would occasionally ask audio professionals what was in their mic case – by that, we were interested in what microphone from their collection or production inventory they favoured for a particular application. Here’s a few by Sid Kidman from 1998:

Shure Beta 52 In Conclusion: “After a few gigs with the Shure Beta 52, hassles getting the right kick sound will seem like they never happened. But wait, there’s more. A punter appeared out of the audience and said “Hey, great kick. Nailed it!” – Its true! In conclusion, the Shure Beta 52 is definitely worth having, because it can make the sound-person’s life so much easier.”

CAD 95 (Connections Feb 1998 p.11) Extract – “The CAD 95 is a condenser type microphone, and needs a power supply (48V phantom). The output is a good 6dB higher than many other commonly used mics, and the frequency response really is very flat. Each mic comes with an individually graphed fre­quency response, and is mostly within a few dB of being flat from 50Hz. to 20kHz. …”


Shure BG 1.0 (Connections Dec 1997 p.11)Extract – “Up against the SM58 the differences are not ob­vious. …Subtle dif­ferences are discernible with care­ful testing. The ability to reject feedback in the 2kHz to 4kHz. region, is reduced about 20% with the BG, against the 58…”

In March 1998 Connections ran to 120 pages – here is the index of key items, less the many factoids, asides, news & bits:

Industry News
7 Roland VS-1680 has landed
8 The X-Array File: EVI Taking On EAW; Birkart Concert Cargo expands; AAV Australia sold to South African group; more, gossip
46 Theatre Back Stage News with J. Molloy and A.Ciddor

28 Letter, Abuse, Suggestions
28 Shows We’ve Seen – The Punter’s Perspective: The Great China Circus
30 (Show) Business with Julius Grafton: Shrinkage, hire and sales inventories
35 My New Gig – Roger Cameron: The Pyrotechnician
47 Duncan Fry: The ‘Leaky’ Radiator
48 How To Do It: Live Sound Mixing: Basic Principles, with Duncan Fry
86 The PA Page – Back to Basics. Part Two in a series with Michael Orland
50 Buyers Guide: Wireless Microphone Systems
70 Buyers Guide: LX Moving Heads

32 Showboat Prepares
42 Gearhouse Chief Talks
68 LX Knowhow: Tungsten World
74 Film Lighting: Oscar and Lucinda
45 32-page Pull-out Studio and Post Guide including:
– The Producer: Charles Fisher, profile by M.Murray
– NEW: How To Do It Series for PA and Recording with Tom Misner
– Studios Tell: Best Sounding Songs
– Studio: Music and Effects (Melbourne)
– Trackdown: what makes a music studio a success? How do you go from trying to get $30 per hour from a rock band to making TV commercials
– BASF Tracking Guide

38 Live Production: In The Swim – Production for the Opening Ceremony at the 8th World Swimming Championships
40 Placido Domingo brings Temporary Outbreak of Peace to the Perth Production Scene
55 On Tour: Savage Garden
57 Date With Disaster
58 Lighting: Radiohead

15 Beta 52 – Sid’s Mic Case
22 Mach Road PA
78 High End Trackspot
18 Mackie SR-40
62 Mini Scan HPE

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