15 Sep 2022

So Fresh and So Clean

by Fiona Davis

King Street Newcastle

If we could attach a theme to a recent installation at Newcastle’s premium dance music venue King Street Newcastle, it would be “So Fresh and So Clean”. Peter Wohlrab from Key Player Productions shared the recent upgrade to this venue that Outkast would be proud of. Key Player Productions, an audio-visual company specialising in installation, repair, and service for the majority of Newcastle’s nightclubs and pubs, have ensured there are now some very happy clubbers thanks to a long overdue Adamson PA.

Being Newcastle’s number one dance music hotspot and sprawling over three levels with an 850pax capacity, King Street Newcastle plays host to top dance music touring artists on its second level, which has now experienced an audio upgrade that can finally handle the music that’s being pumped out every weekend.


Peter recalls his relationship with the venue spanning back fifteen years, when they asked what they could do with their ancient PA speakers powered by Perreaux amps. If you’re suddenly having flashbacks to the 70s, you’re in the right ballpark. Peter suggested hanging some Lab Gruppen amps off them as an interim solution till they had the money to do the whole job. This changed things completely, but eventually got to the point where the system couldn’t handle the new music, having to replace horn drivers all the time. Eight years later, the over-stressed sound system was in desperate need of an overhaul. Out with the very old and in with the new.

For premium quality sound, Adamson were suggested to the venue, despite its premium price tag. According to Peter, the price tag matches the product which the venue was happy to take their advice on. Being a small room with a 300 pax capacity, two IS10p top boxes and four A218 subs were installed, which meant pulling out bigger boxes and replacing them with smaller ones, providing one of the tidiest PAs for sight lines available. This has enabled better sight lines to the video screen behind the DJs since they’re no longer blocked by speakers, providing an opportunity to grow the screen with fresh panels.

More importantly, how does it sound? According to Peter “the general consensus is OMG, that’s so fresh and clean.” Super clean and undistorted best describes the new audio, which is especially noticed once leaving the room. Being a small room, there’s also a plan to put in a delay fill at some stage and some CS10ps to the outer perimeters.


With four subs gracing the room, it’s not only the punters who are moved by the bass. The DJ decks need to be ratchet-strapped down and a control room at the back of the dance floor, which includes a grandMA desk and all lighting and vision systems, has required a front to be installed on the bench so all the equipment doesn’t end up cascading onto the floor. Even the monitor brackets have had to be screwed to the desk to avoid toppling over. This is some serious low-end good vibrations.

Peter’s praise of the Adamson rig also extends to their mounting system, which he sums up in one word: “beautiful”. You can also disregard having to use a pesky level when mounting these boxes.

CMI worked with Key Player Productions to help determine the best gear for the venue and providing great support for the project, as they have done over the years through their long-standing relationship.

As an extra happy ending to this story, the old faithful Perreaux amps that dutifully served their purpose for many, many years have been recycled into another venue and will live out their remaining years on background music duties. We wish them all the best in their quiet retirement.

Adamsom A218
Adamson IS10p


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