9 Feb 2013

Soundguy Jon Fox assaulted on job

Soundguy Jon Fox Assaulted on job

9 Feb 2013

Central Coast (NSW) sound engineer Jon Fox (43) was assaulted by members of a rap crew at a recent show after complaining about punters dancing on amp racks, and water on stage. After a show at a club in NSW, Fox says he was beaten by members of a rap crew.

Fox sustained two broken cheek bones, and lacerations to the lip and torso. He was discharged from Gosford Hospital and faces specialist treatment. The assault is under police investigation. Once Police lay charges against ‘a rap performer, his brother, security guard and others’, CX can report their names.

Fox was doing his job, and became alarmed when club security dispersed as the show became a shambles, with punters onstage, backstage and dancing on top of amp racks. Power to the system was interrupted twice after cables were kicked out, and the volume of water on stage (from drink bottles) was such that a very real risk of electric shock existed.

At the conclusion of the performance, he complained backstage and says he was then king hit by ‘the brother of the act’. The artist then assaulted Fox, before the artist security, quote, a very big guy, put his elbow into the left side, then the right side of Fox’s face, causing a ‘fracture with 50% displacement in some areas’, according to Gosford Hospital.




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