13 Jul 2022

Strand Lighting LLC files for bankruptcy

by Jason Allen

(Pic: The legendary Pattern 23 in cross section)

After a storied history of 108 years, Strand Lighting, inventors of the Pattern 23, have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in a Texas court.

Started on London’s West End in 1914 by theatre electricians Arthur Earnshaw and Phillip Sheridan, the company created the basis for modern theatre lighting and control, innovating constantly before being acquired by the Rank Organisiation in 1968. Acquired again by Royal Philips Lighting in 2008, the company was made part of the Philips Entertainment Group and embarked on devloping LED products. They separated from Philips in 2019, with Strand and Vari-Lite retaining their status as stand-alone brands under the Signify umbrella.

The voluntary petition for chapter 7 bankruptcy was filed at the Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court on 11 July by law firm Condon Tobin Sladek Thornton, PLLC, with the first meeting of creditors held the same day. Differing from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which can allow a busines to restructure, pay its creditors and continue operation, Chapter 7 ensures that the company will no longer operate in its current form.


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