5 Jul 2004

Swampy – Grant Barron

I would like to add my appreciation of swampy. A fond memory we used to tour via me being an employee of JPS with numerous acts. I remember one time going into the production office and as I usually did and asked if it was ok for me to be booked on the next flight home ASAP to Tasmania at the end of tour. He would look a bit funny and do as I requested.

The last time I was with Swampy he was with ACDC in Tasmania he said I now know why you did that what a place meaning he appreciated what I do about Tas.We made plans for Swampy and Kerrie to one day visit and take time out on my boat alas we did not get the chance.I know that the gigs I have done more recently was Swampys doing my last tour Long Way To The Top was achieved due to Swampy wanting me to do F O H Thank-you Swampy. Swampy I am back now and ready to tour with your philosophy.See you in Rock & Roll heaven

Never Forget

Grant Barron


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