9 Sep 2020

TAG Gives Back With Covid Care Pack

As we’re all painfully aware, with the live music and entertainment sectors on ice in most of the country there are a lot of people not working, rental/productions companies with not much to do and a heap of high-quality audio equipment sitting on the shelf. 

“During this down time, many of us have been doing random things – a lot of them unrelated to audio!” Said QSC Marketing Manager Nicholas Simonsen. “Personally, I’ve been using this Melbourne lockdown period to connect with our QSC Community through Social Media via gear chat interviews, the Amata music project and continuing our ‘More Than A Black Box’ collaborations. We kicked the MTABB project off earlier in the year with the release of a few artist collaborations which had them painting pairs of K.2 speakers. The last few months have seen us team up with more artists to have the speakers look just as vibrant as they sound.” 

Simonsen continued “We’re wanting to share the More Than A Black Box handiwork with the wider network of QSC owners/users and also wanting to say hello, thanks for using QSC, we’re thinking of you.  We’ve put that in a box and added a couple of the brand new QSC MTABB Tees, some QSC coasters, some Audio-Technica headphones and accessories, and to support the hardest hit Team-Melbourne community, a taste of classic Melbourne beers and a selection of essential supplies from the strategic industries of the Yarra Valley (Tim-Tams, chips, chocolate, etc.)  Oh, and we added a bit of optimism for the good times to come.” 

Are you a QSC user and want to get your hands on one of these packs? Post a pic of you with your QSC gear to the QSC Australia Facebook page and touch base with the team! 


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