9 May 2018

Pro Distributor Training


Looking to learn more about a specific piece of gear? Need to get certified for your next installation or tour? Pro equipment distributors run a range of training courses on their brands, sometimes at their HQs, and often in other cities.  Here’s a run-down on some of the training available. If you don’t see the gear you’d like to learn here, either contact the distributor and ask about what training is available, or send a request to us via and we’ll see what we can find out!




Our trainers are the best in their fields and teach with first-hand knowledge and experience. The topics are presented comprehensively and are illustrated in detail. To provide you with the best tutorial environments, the courses contain real equipment and products.  The ratio of students to teachers is limited to make the process as comfortable and effective as possible. The MA Lighting University training that we deliver is industry recognised, and attendees completing these successfully will receive a MA University certificate.

The training programme of the MA University is certified worldwide by MA Lighting, so we can guarantee continuity of knowledge independent of your training location. The training programme consists of modular units; the knowledge gained on graduation from the grandMA2 User Training is the premise for all further training. To suit your specific needs the MA training programme has a special focus on Concert Touring/Live Events and Theatre/Musicals/TV/Film.



grandMA2 User Training
Duration: 2 days
Requirements: The ‘grandMA2 User Training’ is a starter course intended for beginners with existing knowledge from grandMA2 online tutorials on the MA Lighting YouTube channel.
Aim: This course aims to make operators familiar with the basic functions of the grandMA2 lighting control panel, the panel interface and the main features of the software and operating philosophy.
Cost: $189 + GST per person (includes training equipment, lunch & refreshments).

» NSW – Sydney: 1 + 2 May 2018, 7 + 8 August 2018, 23 + 24 October 2018
» VIC – Melbourne: 7 + 8 May 2018, 13 + 14 August 2018, 29 + 30 October 2018
» QLD – Brisbane: 16 + 17 May 2018, 21 + 22 August 2018
» WA – Perth: 4 + 5 September 2018
» NZ – Auckland: 17 + 18 April 2018, 16 + 17 October 2018

MA dot2  Training
Duration:  1 day
Requirements: There are no requirements for this course, however viewing of the video tutorials at will be an advantage.
Goal: This course aims to make operators familiar with the functions of the dot2
lighting control console, the interface and the main features of the software and operating philosophy.
Cost: $29 + GST per person (includes training equipment, lunch & refreshments).

» NSW – Sydney: 3 May 2018, 9 August 2018,25 October 2018
» VIC – Melbourne: 10 May 2018, 16 August 2018, 1 November 2018
» QLD – Brisbane: 18 May 2018, 23 August 2018
» WA – Perth: 15 May 2018, 6 September 2018
» NZ – Auckland: 22 May 2018, 4 September 2018

For more information, please visit






» Any training enquiries can be sent to:
» Our Jands Eventbrite page where those with interest can sign up and seek further information:
» We have also developed online training courses that cover a range of brands and products available from Jands:

Shure Advanced Wireless Seminar
Frequency selection and coordination is critical to the successful design of wireless microphone and in-ear systems. This will become more so as the pool of available frequencies diminishes in coming years due to the digital dividend reallocation. Frequency coordination tasks become more complex as the number of systems increases, often to the point of requiring a dedicated RF engineer on large productions.

This seminar teaches how to successfully setup, deploy and operate multi-channel wireless microphone and in-ear systems. The seminar is tailored around real world scenarios as encountered in today’s productions. The Shure Advanced Wireless Seminar is a localised version, based on Shure factory endorsed training material, modified to reflect local Australian regulations and restrictions.

Topics covered include:
» Radio Fundamentals and Frequency Allocation
» Propagation, Antenna placement, Multi-path interference & diversity reception
» Modulation (analogue & digital), Audio Processing, in-ear systems
» Multi-system compatibility, intermodulation, interference, cables & distribution systems
» Squelch, batteries
» Wireless management tools

» The training seminar makes extensive use of the Shure Wireless Workbench version 6 (WWB6) application for configuration, control and monitoring of wireless audio devices.
» Recommended for any audio professional involved in the design and / or operation of wireless audio systems. Attendees should have previous experience with wireless audio systems and be familiar with technical terms and concepts.
» Successful completion of this course qualifies you to earn 4 renewal units (RUs) toward InfoComm CTS accreditation.

Shure Advanced Wireless Seminar (Melbourne) – 20/06/2018 9:00 am
Shure Advanced Wireless Seminar (Melbourne) – 21/06/2018 9:00 am
Shure Advanced Wireless Seminar (Adelaide) – 04/07/2018 9:00 am
Shure Advanced Wireless Seminar (Sydney) – 25/07/2018 9:00 am





Installer Training
This course is installer-focused, and provides the information to understand and apply the relevant standards, the process to assess and environment for suitability, and provide a basic introduction to understand audio frequency induction loop basics. The installation of a specified and designed system is covered, including both perimeter and array loop types. The process for commissioning, testing and certification of induction loops, and troubleshooting the most common problems is also addressed.

Topics covered in the course include:
• Hearing Loop General Awareness
• Standards of Operation
• Site Assessment & Testing Procedures
• Practical Exercise – Site Assessment
• Installing Loops
• Interpreting Design Drawings
• Loop(s) Construction Techniques
• Practical Exercise – Create a Low Loss Phased Array
• Commissioning a Hearing Loop
• Practical Exercise – Commission & Certify a System
• Good Practise & Fault Finding

» Ampetronic Installer Training (Brisbane): 30/05/2018 9:00 am
» Ampetronic Installer Training (Perth): 20/06/2018 9:00 am
» Ampetronic Installer Training (Adelaide): 11/07/2018 9:00 am
» Ampetronic Installer Training (Sydney): 08/08/2018 9:00 am

Eos Family Level 1 (Basic) Console Training
All the basics to start working with your lighting desk! Are you new to the Eos lighting-control family and need to prepare for your first show? Learn all the basics of your Eos Titanium (Eos Ti), Gio, Io, or Element desk. The Level 1 course will give you a solid foundation of console operation and prepare you to expand your skills.

Course Structure:
• Identify key elements of the desk’s user interface and navigation
• Manage show files (save, edit, delete)
• Patch conventional and multi-parameter fixtures
• Work with channels in Live mode
• Record, select and delete groups
• Record, play and delete a basic cue
• Record to, load and clear sub masters
• Create step-based effects
• Understand the basics of working with a multi-parameter device (introductory concepts)

» ETC Eos Family Level 1 (Basic) Console Training (Melbourne): 23/05/2018 9:00 am
» ETC Eos Family Level 1 (Basic) Console Training (Perth): 20/06/2018 9:00 am


Eos Family Level 2/3 (Intermediate/Advanced) Console Training
Are you a current Eos family user who would like to better understand what the console and software are capable of? Have you mastered the basics of the Level 1 and are you now ready to take your programming to the next level? Are you ready to learn more about programming moving lights?

The Level 2/3 Skills class provides a more in-depth look at the next level of operation and working with multi-parameter devices on an Eos family console. After completing this level, you’ll be able to:

• Patch moving lights and multi-parameter devices and edit device attributes
• Work with non-intensity parameters and their associated functions
• Record and recall palettes and presets.
• Use Direct Select and ML Control Modules
• Take advantage of discrete timing
• Use Mark and/or Auto-Mark functions
• Understand Update and its styles and modifiers
• Create Relative and Absolute Effects
• Create and use a magic sheet

To attend the Eos Family level 2/3 Training course you must have fulfilled one of the following criteria:
1. You must have attended an Eos Family training course previously or completed the Basic training course, which is offered on the day prior to this training.
2. You must have completed online the ETC Eos Level 1 Essentials Skills course and submitted the certificate to us. This course is available on the ETC Learning Stage portal for a small fee.
3. You have been given approval by Jands to attend

» ETC Eos Family Level 2/3 (Intermediate/Advanced) Console Training (Melbourne):
24/05/2018 9:00 am
» ETC Eos Family Level 2/3 (Intermediate/Advanced) Console Training (Perth): 21/06/2018 9:00 am









NAS offers several training courses. Courses are offered as both open invitation to the open audio/AV community and also specific one on one investor training aimed to provide specific systems training once delivery of equipment has taken place to buyers. A dedicated NAS Training page on our website can be found here

We post links to all the latest training events to be held at NAS on this page.

Further, all events will be posted on so simply click on the link that you are interested in and “Book Now” via the TryBooking event prompts. Questions? Contact Bek Varcoe for info on any of our sessions – 0439 615 465 or via email at

Open Invitation Courses:

d&b audiotechnik

Three one day courses held in sequence, normally held 2-3 times per year at our Melbourne training facility. The same courses have also been (and will continue to be) held in Sydney and Perth from time to time. Courses are usually relaxed and offer an informal atmosphere with lots of opportunities for networking with colleagues once courses conclude for the day, usually with food and drinks provided.

Photo: d&b audiotechnik classroom training taking place at
NAS’s Melbourne training facility with Gert Sanner from d&b’s
APAC office in Singapore.


» Day One – Product Workshop
Day One of the three day training course will cover, in depth, the full suite of d&b loudspeakers and amplifiers, explore the history of d&b, and the “d&b system reality”. This day is aimed at those who would like an overview, and an introduction to d&b and to attain knowledge on their complete range of loudspeaker systems offerings.

» Day Two – System Design, Software and Networking
Day Two delves into Line Array theory, including system design using ArrayCalc software and systems deployment using R1 remote software and networking.

» Day Three – Sound System Optimisation
Day Three will cover Sound System Optimisation using both d&b and external software platforms. You will need a laptop computer to participate: minimum requirements will be advised in an email upon booking.


Three separate training courses are offered. Two for Midas PRO series and one for Midas M32 range. Currently the two PRO series courses are offered on sufficient demand, whilst the M32 series training takes place twice annually at our Melbourne training facility.

Photo: Midas PRO series training course in action at NAS’s Melbourne training facility.


CMDU – Certified Midas Digital User course for PRO series
The one day Certified Midas User training course is designed to enable an engineer to walk up to a PRO Series and mix their show. It provides as much hands on time as possible, while explaining the main day to day features of the system. It is very much an operator based course focusing on the control surface and user interfaces.

CMDSE – Midas Systems Engineer Course for PRO series
This second day course, the Certified Midas System Engineers course incorporates all the information from the User (CMDU) one day course. In addition we go into more depth regarding system setup, networking, fault finding and diagnostics. The second day of the course is designed more for system technicians and owners of PRO Series systems rather than the engineer.

M32 – Midas M32 User Training
A half day course focused on user training for the Midas M32 range of consoles.

dB Technologies

A straightforward one day course that provides an in depth look and listen to the complete range of dB Technologies products.

Product Workshop
The full suite of dB Technologies loudspeakers. This day is aimed at those who would like an overview, and an introduction to the outstanding value for money range from Italian manufacturer dB Technologies. Held at NAS’s Melbourne training facility usually once or twice annually.







avt provides training to our customers in the following areas:

» Harman Certified Control Professional | Commissioning
» Harman Certified Control Professional | Programming
» Harman Certified Control Professional | Designer
» Harman Certified Networked AV | Commissioning
» Harman Certified Networked AV | Designer

avt does not run a fixed training schedule, as courses run in cities according to demand. avt will be hosting training in the coming months in Sydney and Melbourne. To register your interest, or keep up-to-date with training available in your area, please go to or email









Rational Acoustics SMAART Training
3-day Operator Fundamentals and Practicum
Cost: Up to AU$770 inc GST (Costs can vary slightly)

Please email or contact your PAVT Account Manager for more information or to register your attendance or interest.

» Adelaide July 17, 18, 19 2018 – Registrations Open
» Auckland or Christchurch tentative dates July 3, 4, 5th 2018 – Please contact ASAP if interested.

Introductory one day classes are in the pipeline, perfect for beginners or anyone interested in the field of electro-acoustic analysis.

Looking for specific interest in Tasmania and Gold Coast for a three-day class before September. Any interest from other cities welcomed. Melbourne and Sydney will happen regardless, closer to the end of the year. Other upcoming classes this year include:

Powersoft ARMONIA Factory Training



Symetrix COMPOSER Factory Training



ClearOne CONVERGE PRO Training


See also: The Employment Issue on this site where respected go-forward people from the industry advise on getting and staying employed.


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