27 Feb 2018

The St Kilda Festival 2018 – The P.A. People deliver event support for the iconic event

The iconic St Kilda Festival is a celebration of community and Australian music held along the St Kilda foreshore. The festival has been running since 1980 and draws massive crowds in the hundreds of thousands for one massive day. The P.A. People provided event support for the 2018 festival, held on Sunday February 11.

This year the event solution included:

  • 24 x CCTV camera installations over the entire precinct and a full time EOC camera operator on festival Sunday
  • SPLnet noise monitoring from 5 locations
  • An IP Weather station which monitored in the EOC and main stage supervisor
  • IP Signal distribution for the system network configured using multiple mediums including fibre optic, Cat 5 cabling, FSO Laser links and wireless RF links in both Wi-Fi and 60Ghz bands.

Some camera locations didn’t have suitable mains power available so The P.A. People were able to operate these Link and camera locations using their new Lithium battery boxes with in-built monitoring and network switches.

Photo credit:  Nathan Doran

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