12 Mar 2014

The Star Event Centre Welcomes Sydney’s Largest Hi-Res Modular LED Screen

The Star’s Event Centre has been transformed by the arrival of the largest in house Hi-Res LED screen in any event space in Sydney.  The modular screen can be custom built to suit a variety of event styles, creating a screen up to 10m by 5.5m comprised of 220 panels of 5mm LED. Its flexibility offers events at the Event Centre a full content experience using the highest quality digital offering for event attendees.

First unveiled for Alicia Key’s exclusive performance in the Event Centre December 2013, the LED screen was constructed to its full size with live stage content being screened to the 3500 plus concert attendees. The screen in varying configurations has also been a feature of the ARIA’s and Australian Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTAs) held in late 2013 and early 2014.

As Ben Whatmore, Event Centre Technical Manager explains, the possibilities of integrating this new technology into events are limitless. “Our production team work closely with clients on preparing bespoke digital content to suit and enhance their events. For an upcoming series of events, the screen will be elongated out around the edges of the Event Centre as a scrolling ticker tape display of digital content.


“Having used the system on a variety of event styles we can now offer pre rigged and configured LED screens in different ratios for gala dinners, conferences, concerts, meetings, sales kickoffs, product launches and many more,” said Mr Whatmore. The Star has also purchased multiple trusses, capable of holding the screen in a variety of formations out on Sky Terrace, adjoining the Event Centre, offering a unique addition to any outdoor events.

In addition to the 220 panels of LED screen developed and installed by Big Screen Projects, The Star also acquired a Christie Digital Spyder M20X processor to service the screen and it is backed by and seamlessly integrates with the Event Centre’s four Christie 20K projectors. The full size screen takes only an hour and a half to set up making swift event set ups and transformations a possibility.


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