21 Sep 2022

TheatreQuip delivers new Pile Wind Hoists

The P.A. People installs first TheatreQuip ‘Reference’ theatre hoists at new High School Performing Arts facility in western Sydney.

Following on from the recent release of TheatreQuip’s Reference hoists at the Integrate trade show in Sydney, The P.A. People have completed their first installation of the TQP-K650/12 balanced drive pile wind hoist at Glenmore Park.

The new hoists have been meticulously designed to comply with Australian Standards and with the new EN17206 standard “Entertainment Technology – Machinery for stages and other production areas”. “When it comes to safety in hoisting and winching systems, especially those in theatre spaces which invariably require the suspension of loads above people, we regard it as our duty of care to ensure that we follow the most rigorous of standards,” commented Andrew Mathieson, Chief Engineer at The P.A. People.

The P.A. People have supplied and installed five of the new hoists to support lighting bars and scenery battens in the new hall, alongside a comprehensive performance audio, lighting and AV system.

The TheatreQuip TQP-K650/12 is a novel balanced drive eight-line pile wind hoist rated at 650kg @ 12m/minute. It has a redundant double braking system, a certified 4-pole safety limit switch and encoder, slack wire detection and load monitoring. With a range of unique features including self-balancing twin chain drives, large stepless piles, symmetrical mounting and a simple cable reeving system the new Reference TQP-K650/12 Pile Hoist is set to become the new standard for pile hoists in the region.  

The range will also include a series of drum hoists that span capacity’s from 350kg up to 1,800kg and drifts in excess of 20m.

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