10 Jun 2024

TheatreQuip Lighting Bars

4th Generation Design

TheatreQuip Pro Bar and Arch Bar are wired lighting bar systems designed and engineered by the team at The P.A. People. Designed for hoisted, suspended, and fixed applications, the TheatreQuip range of lighting bars are suitable for theatres, museums, galleries, houses of worship, schools and entertainment venues.

TheatreQuip lighting Pro Bar and Arch Bar are part of the range of the staging products developed by the company’s Venue Engineering division, a range which includes motorised hoists and lighting bars, drapes and track, motorised stage platforms, tensile net systems and counterweight systems.


Pro Bar is specifically designed for professional theatre applications when the lighting bar is to be suspended from a motorised or counterweight rigging system. The Arch Bar is designed primarily for fixed installations but can also be mounted vertically to create a versatile perch bar for theatres.

Both models are available in continuous join- free lengths (up to 4.8m) and any configuration of power, data and circuits is possible.

Separate extruded channels offer total segregation between LV and ELV services. Snap-in power outlets are used, connected with pluggable wiring connections, resulting in a double-insulated wiring compartment. The bars can be configured with a single or dual circuit with looped outlets, or the more traditional single outlet per circuit. Most forms of data are supported including Cat6 Ethernet, 3-pin and 5-pin DMX, fibre, SDI video, and audio. The ProBar also supports on board DMX distribution and Ethernet to DMX DIN rail products from LSC.

Pro Bar

The Pro Bar is based around a structural aluminium extrusion, available in continuous join-free lengths of up to 4.8m that can be joined to form any required length of wired lighting bar. Both power (LV) and data (ELV) outlets are housed in the working face (upstage) of the bar, allowing the reverse face (downstage) to present a clean and tidy appearance to the audience.

Pro Bar has an extruded aluminium spine with a load carrying capacity of 100kg/m. Designed for hoisted or dead-hung suspension, its bar length, number of circuits and outlets are configurable. Standard spacings are 400mm, 600mm and 800mm, with custom spacings available on request. Snap-In 10A power outlets, special colours, and round pin outlets are available, with all power outlets auto- switched, with pluggable internal wiring.

Arch Bar

The Arch Bar is based around a different structural aluminium extrusion, available in similar configuration lengths as the Pro Bar. The underhung pipe is fitted using the same pipe support bracket used on the TheatreQuip Pro Bar. This allows the underhung pipe to be installed to span any joins between sections of duct, facilitating the alignment of long bar installations.

Arch bar features a robust extruded aluminium spine, and a load carrying capacity of 75kg/m. It can be installed pre-wired, or unwired, and flush fixed to ceilings or suspended from droppers. Its bar length, number of circuits and outlets are configurable, with standard spacings of 400mm, 600mm and 800mm, which are customisable on request.

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TheatreQuip in Action: Parramatta Town Hall – City of Parramatta, NSW

Parramatta Town Hall (see main picture) is an important cultural and historical landmark, located in the heart of Parramatta Square.

Parramatta Town Hall has a rich heritage and cultural identity having served as a central gathering place since 1883. The recent Parramatta Square project demonstrates the versatility of the TheatreQuip lighting bars.


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