13 Jul 2015

TouchMix Now With 8 Channels

QSC have released an eight channel version of the revolutionary TouchMix digital mixer. Combining the functionality of a powerful DSP in an easy to use package with touchscreen replacing the majority of controls, TouchMix is finding plenty of roles within a wide range of music applications from live bands to performance venues, schools and houses of worship. The new TouchMix-8 will expand that to applications where a lower channel count is adequate.

Although featuring the same touchscreen size, TouchMix-8 is dimensionally slightly smaller than TouchMix-16. It offers eight quality microphone preamps (4 with XLR/TRS combos) plus two stereo inputs along with L/R outs and 4 mono aux outs. DSP is the same on both units with on-board set-up wizard, preset libraries and help menus to assist users with channel configuration, proper gain adjustment, effects selection and more. The capacitive touch screen combined with a rotary encoder and function and user programmable buttons provides fast and intuitive operation.

All input channels include full function gates, compressors, four-band parametric EQ and channel selectable phantom power. Four multi-effects processors offer reverbs, delay, chorus and pitch change plus a pitch corrector. Output processing includes 1/3 octave graphic EQ, delay, limiter and notch filters.

All presets and custom settings and mixer scenes can be saved to internal memory or USB. Up to 12 tracks (all inputs plus a stereo mix) can be recorded directly to USB hard-drive and mixed down on TouchMix or exported to your favourite DAW.

In addition to touchscreen control TouchMix can also be fully controlled by iPad and a USB Wi-Fi adapter is included for this. A zip-up padded carrying case completes the package.

TouchMix-8 will retail for $1,799.


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