2 May 2012

Unfriendly Audio Visual Supplier advisory

EAV Tech re-define media relationships

CX is a friendly place. We enjoy positive relationships, and rise to overcome challenges. And sometimes we just move on, unable to rewire the lights on the planet for people who only see darkness.

Jimmy Den Ouden’s job is to seek out new and useful devices, and bring them to the attention of our readers. Armed with his impartial assessment, readers can then be better informed about tools to help their work. In practice, products sell when he reports well.


This sunny day he found the Glensound MP-1004 Broadcast Mobile Phone. It has line level in and out. Essentially you insert a SIM card, dial the number and hit go. You could go to air from this is you want to. You could use it to integrate into your coms system – it seems a clean and effective solution. Possibly.

Jimmy called EAV Tech in Melbourne and Barbara Ward answered the telephone. She explained that she owned the business and doesn’t normally answer the telephone.

Ms Ward was then very rude.


Jimmy explained in his polite way the purpose of his call, which was to enquire as to the possibility of obtaining one Glensound MP-1004 Broadcast Mobile Phone for the purposes of a magazine review in CX Magazine. There is never a cost associated with this – it is a well understood editorial function, practiced the world over. Normally suppliers and manufacturers fall over themselves to seek publicity for their products. But not EAV Tech.

“She asked who would do the review and how”, Jimmy recounts. “I responded I would do it, and we do it in-house.  She asked again how we would do the review – I explained we do it from the perspective of the end user”.

Ms Ward said: “Someone who sells it should review it since they’d be far more qualified to talk about the product.  She could have someone write something”.

“I offered to help the process along”, says Jimmy,  “by sending her some mags or some links to video reviews – she said that wouldn’t help because it’s not about her product.”

End of call. CX has contacted Glensound to advise them their product is thus denied the benefit of a review within the pages of our publication, across four editions (print, CX2, CXE and CXE-xtra) and on CX-TV. We won’t disturb Ms Ward or her boys anytime soon, having noted EAV Tech is hostile. We bring you this advisory so you may make your own mind up, should you contemplate engaging with the charming Ms. Ward.

EAV Tech have the final word. This from their website: “We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the quality and the system capabilities of our complete product range – we aim to give you total confidence in price and performance including back-up and support which comes with full manufacturers warranties and performance guarantees.”

– Julius










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