24 Oct 2017

Vale George Young

By Grahame Harrison.

The lone guitar played the intro chords before the blisteringly tortured scream tore the speakers nearly to shreds. Less than 20 seconds later, my mother roared into my bedroom, plucked the needle from the turntable and explicitly instructed me to take the pagan noise back to the store. NOW! “She’s So Fine” was back in its cage.

The Easybeats were on the loose, about to terrorise parents and dominate the record industry. It was my first ‘meeting’ with George Young & his gang of imported rock warriors. The Easybeats are my all-time favourite Australian band & I was totally stunned many years later when I sat in Alberts Studios with George Young and Harry Vanda. Today, I am stunned again because George Young has gone to run a studio called Heaven.  The first act he’ll record will probably be Bon Scott, if he can get him a day pass from Hell!

Many others have documented the Easybeats and their path to glory. George is an iconic individual and will be forever remembered. I got to know him through my time with Rose Tattoo. He was a gentleman who got the best out of those around him. Harry would record the ‘bed’ tracks & then George would get thoroughly involved. Their teamwork created music that will last forever.

I was also stunned last night when the television media made virtually no mention of George’s death. He had lived in Europe for many years, so perhaps his legend had faded or young journalists didn’t know about his legacy. But those of us who were fortunate to cross his path, we definitely deeply mourn the loss of the ‘Boss’, the one who took us way further than Frank Ifield or the Seekers. George Young came all the way from Scotland to show us the way to go back there and be conquering heroes. AC/DC know this truth.

Thank you, George, for taking the time to teach us how to believe in ourselves. From those about to rock, we salute you!

Photo by Bob King

(Grahame Harrison is a retired touring sound engineer)


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