18 Jul 2018

Vale Warren, Mark, and Harry

CX offers condolences and respects to the family and loved ones of Warren Peryman, Mark ‘Noddy’ O’Donnell, and Harry M. Miller, who all passed away in recent weeks.

Warren and Noddy were road crew from the 1970s era who worked their way up the slippery road and maintained universal respect. Harry M. is the entrepreneur who staged shows and managed artists at the highest levels of the Australian entertainment industry while driving very hard deals.

CX knew Warren during his days with Jands Concert Productions and also from random 1970s gigs. He was a friendly, strong, reliable guy. Noddy started at Phil Cullen’s lighting company Mac Enterprises and worked alongside Ashley Swinfield, who became a life-long friend. Harry M was Harry everywhere across the 1970s until the early 2000s when he retired. He created events that created a lot of employment.

Rest in peace.


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