15 May 2012

Videoplus – where is my SUPER?

I have continuously enjoyed the stories in your magazine, the website and your blog. Though I’m no longer working in Australia, your insights are still valuable for my work in the events industry in Europe. So thanks for that!

I wanted to share with you a story that concerns Videoplus. Since I left Australia in early 2010, I’m not sure how much is known about this, but as I know many employees have been harmed by it, I thought I would just write to you about it. I can also see how many technicians still working in the industry might be reluctant to share.

Basically, I was employed as a casual technician with VP from late 2008 until the end of 2009. When I left Australia in 2010, I was applying for a refund of my superannuation, as I was entitled to as a non-resident. What I found out was shocking: VP had not been paying any of my super for 2009! That amounted to almost 2,000 dollars! And they didn’t for any employees, as far as I can tell. I got in contact with the CFO at that time, who ensured me that he was working on the issue as this occurred before he was employed. And that VP had plans to repay everyones super within 12 months. Time passed, I continuously sent emails, got no response, until one day, I got the notice that this particular person is no longer working there. All matters should be directed to Bob Dewstow. I emailed him, no response. I waited longer and then was told by another former VP employee that VP had financial trouble and they had also never paid him the super. So he had left.


A few months ago, I then finally contacted the ATO about filing a claim against VP. And I found out that VP had declared insolvency and had no funds to repay anything. I even spoke to the lawyer handling the case who told me he was working on a deal with the ATO to repay at least outstanding wages and super. But since there was no money, he said the outlook was dim of ever receiving this outstanding super.

Funnily, VP has just recently re-branded itsself, employing the same people, using the same equipment, just under a different name.

For me, this just seems weird and unethical. They still have outstanding debts with current and former employees, but apparently no intention of ever paying those. Meanwhile, the company is clearly interested in making profits himself.


Maybe you will be interested in finding out more. Here’s the contact information for the lawyer: (redacted) Handling the case there is (redacted)


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