6 Jun 2018

Vista Lighting Control Range Acquired by Chroma-Q

JANDS, manufacturer and designer of world-class lighting equipment and technologies, announces that Chroma-Q has acquired the Vista lighting control product range.  

Jands has made a business decision to cease manufacturing the Vista lighting control product range. Recognising the potential for Vista lighting control systems in today’s market, Jands felt it was a logical move to have Chroma-Q take over the manufacturing of Vista lighting control product range. 

Moving forward, new hardware design, development and manufacturing will be done in Chroma-Q’s manufacturing facilities.  

“We are sad to see the Vista lighting control product lines leave our facility, but we are confident that Chroma-Q will continue on with the tradition of quality award-winning Vista products. Chroma-Q is the ideal solution to continue on the legacy, service and support of the Vista brand.” commented Paul Mulholland, Managing Director, Jands. 

To coincide with the acquisition, Vista will now be branded as Vista by Chroma-Q. 

Support, warranty, and repair of all existing Vista products in Australia and New Zealand will be maintained by Jands Pty Limited. 

Since 2004, Jands Vista has been providing customers and end users with quality control software and hardware. Vista has been adopted by a wide range of leading lighting designers, specifiers, rental and production companies, venues, shows and events worldwide.  

During the next few months Jands and Chroma-Q will be working together on a smooth transition for our customers and end users. If you have questions, or want to learn more, contact or Jands.



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