26 Oct 2015

VUE Audiotechnik Inspires At 3S Artspace

When 3S Artspace built its location from the remnants of an old warehouse in early 2015, it required a sound system capable of catering to the 10,000-square-foot building’s variety of activities. It called in audio consultants Swell Sound to apply their acoustical expertise, which in turn commissioned a full set of VUE Audiotechnik products for the space.

A nonprofit founded in 2009, 3S Artspace is dedicated to showcasing emerging art and entertainment. The physical 3S Artspace building features a number of eclectic venues, such as a performance space, an art gallery and a restaurant. This combination is designed to accommodate the organization’s robust set of events and performances, from short-film nights to sets by DJs and hardcore bands.

“I came from a high-fidelity consumer audio background, and VUE products present that level of clarity with the reliability and high-power handling required for pro audio,” says Ron Ulrich, owner of Swell Sound, on why he chose VUE speakers, for 3S Artspace. “The VUE system is extremely clean and transparent and the base extension is extraordinary. It plays loud and sounds perfect.”


“The system responds well and accurately and has a very clean, hi-fi sound. It sings with acoustic instruments,” says Nick Lemoyne, lead sound engineer at 3S Artspace. “It also covers the space well for speech based events and movie screenings. So far it has done everything we’ve thrown at it.

“Having a real time readout of the systems engines on my Mac at FOH is really great,” continues Lemoyne about the SystemVUE Network Monitoring & Control software. “The software update looks excellent and has some nice features such as the parametric EQ and time delay settings.”

SystemVUE Network Monitoring & Control also manages input/output levels, volume, mute, delay, input sources and has the ability to monitor a broad list of parameters. With its intuitive user interface, end-users need only to download the free software. SystemVUE automatically creates a usable TCP/IP-based network without requiring manual operator intervention or special configuration servers, and VUE products will be recognized whether connecting using DHCP-based networks, a fixed IP network, or even by connecting directly to a computer via an Ethernet cable.


Swell Sound implemented a number of VUE products for several installations within 3S Artspace. The performance space installation includes eight al-4 Subcompact Line Array elements, two as-418 Quad 18-inch Isobaric Subwoofer Systems, and two i-8 Compact Full Range Foreground Systems, powered by three V4i installation series Systems Engines. The Block Six restaurant and theater lobby installation features 10 i-2×4.5 Dual 4.5-inch Surface Mount Foreground Systems, two i-8 Compact Full Range Foreground Systems and three is-26 Compact Surface Mount Subwoofers.

“The ultimate design objective of the 3S Artspace founding team was to get the highest possible audio fidelity and a rider friendly system within a reasonable budget,” says Ulrich. “I reached out to VUE and explained that 3S Artspace was a nonprofit organization with these goals in mind. Not only were we able to get very high-quality products within the budget we were targeting, but VUE was willing to work with us closely on the final installation. From a technical, engineering and design perspective, they worked hand-in-hand with us to deliver an incredible solution. Every act that has come through has not needed any additional PA equipment; the VUE system meets all of their needs to the fullest extent.”


The lobby area at the 3S Artspace features
VUE i-Class i-8 speakers


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