13 Mar 2014

Yamaha release QL series digital mixers at PL+S

New Yamaha QL series digital mixing consoles that inherit the  performance and functionality of the CL series have been released at Prolight + Sound 2014. The compact QL series consoles offer all-in-one mixing, processing, and routing capability.

Two models will be available: the QL5 with 64 mono + 8 stereo mix channels, and the QL1 with 32 mono + 8 stereo mix channels. Both types feature 16 mix and 8 matrix output busses. Ample local I/O is also provided: 32 in/16 out on the QL5, and 16 in/8 out on the QL1. Both models feature space-saving dimensions, and the QL1 can be rack mounted.

The QL series consoles achieve outstanding audio purity from input to output, providing a solid sonic foundation that makes it possible to take full advantage of premium internal processors such as the Portico 5033/5043 created in cooperation with Rupert Neve. In fact, all of the effect and EQ processing capability that was packed into the CL series consoles is provided in the QL consoles as well. Built-in automatic mixing functionality from Dan Dugan Sound Design supports a wide range of speech and broadcast applications.

A refined control interface structured around Yamaha’s renowned selected channel system enables swift, sure operation in live sound applications. A large touch-panel display, selected channel controls, and a “Touch and Turn” knob make up a remarkably smooth, efficient control interface. Remote mixing and offline setup capability via an iPad or computer add even more refinement.

Built-in Dante audio networking provides broad connectivity with exceptionally low latency and jitter. There’s also an innovative “Port to Port” feature that can patch any input port to any output port, so a QL console can function as a remote I/O device for any other QL or CL series console. A Gain Compensation feature that allows QL and CL consoles to share inputs without fear of unexpected level changes adds even further flexibility. Dual MY expansion slots allow processing capability or I/O to be added as required, making the QL consoles suitable for use as central components in an extensive variety of sound applications.

 Although QL consoles are an ideal stand-alone choice for small to medium sized productions, onboard Dante networking allows them to be integrated into larger systems along with Yamaha R-series I/O units and CL series consoles. A single QL console can simultaneously control up to eight R-series units for a total of 256 inputs.

The QL consoles also provide advanced recording and playback support: there’s direct 2-track recording/playback using standard USB flash drives, or serious multitrack recording/playback with a DAW such as Steinberg Nuendo Live via Dante.

The QL Series continues the trend started by the Yamaha CL Series, bringing the same high level of operation, networking, and outstanding sound quality within reach of the small-to-medium live music, corporate, speech and installation markets. But the QL series is even more. It is the perfect complement to rental company investment in the CL series, seamlessly dovetailing with those consoles and systems to deliver digital mixing that can be precisely scaled to meet any need. With their remarkable flexibility, QL consoles really are “Quintessential Compacts.”

The QL Series Consoles


32 + 2 fader configuration adapts to a wide range of channel layouts. A compact console with large-scale capabilities.

• Mix channels: 64 mono, 8 stereo.

• Busses: 16 mix, 8 matrix (Input to Matrix supported).

• Local I/O: 32 in, 16 out.

• Fader configuration: 32 + 2 (Master).

• Stainless steel iPad support stays.


16 + 2 fader configuration in a compact, rack mountable unit.

• Mix channels: 32 mono, 8 stereo.

• Busses: 16 mix, 8 matrix (Input to Matrix supported).

• Local I/O: 16 in, 8 out.

• Fader configuration: 16 + 2 (Master).

• Rack mountable with optional RK1 Rack Mount Kit.


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