9 May 2024

Yestech’s MG Series LED Panels enter Ninth Generation

Yestech’s flagship MG Series has been their best seller for decades, and has recently been upgraded to it’s ninth generation, MG9 Series.

An LED thrust stage built with MG9 reaches 80-100N with a maximum load capacity of 4.6T, standing out for its robust capability in any extreme environment. At its core is TET technology, which enables a stronger bond of the LEDs to the circuit board, providing a better connection that is more resistant to physical damage. This represents a significant innovation in LED display technology, enhancing durability and reliability, thus reducing maintenance costs and maximising ROI.

The MG9 series features a high gray-scale 16-bit output and a refresh rate of up to 7680Hz, delivering exceptional image quality. The patented MG dance floor mask ensures a 160° viewing angle, making it suitable for 360° shooting.

The MG9 series offers unparalleled versatility, covering 100% of rental applications for stage performances, sports events, concerts, and more. It can serve as a sky curtain, sports stadium display, or dance floor, ensuring a one-for-all solution.

Featuring an innovative curved connector, the cabinet can be dissembled directly from a curved screen, simplifying the setup process and saving time.

The MG9 series has received significant attention and acclaim at international exhibitions such as ISE 2024 and MIR 2024. Visit Yestech at Integrate, booth D52, August 21-23, International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Sydney


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