24 Nov 2013

You want DRUMS with that?

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 7.28.16 PM

Just briefly – having a quiet few while my mate Chris Mysinski mixes for Peter Northcote at the regular Balmain Sunday Drive gig at The Bridge Hotel. The usual random lineup happens from Northcote’s crony world, which goes to the charm of the whole Sunday (before 7pm) rock gig cover song thing.

This drummer, who is this guy?

Somehow in my travels I missed Gordon Rytmeister – or because he was/is a long term stalwart for James Morrison I missed the nuances at that time. Because I am more a rock kind of sound guy.

So here we was, having enormous fun on Sunday with a new Yamaha kit (10″, 12″ rack toms, 14″, 16″ floor toms, 20″ kick) and far out this guy is scary. Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, whatever you like the sticks blur and the timing is like a nuclear clock.

Credit where due – one of the things about the music biz that’s kept me inside for over 40 years is the insane talent you stumble over.



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