Connect with CX Network 2012!

8 May 2012

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Volunteers and Risk – UPDATED!

21 Dec 2011

Here is what started this topic: Trevor Beck wants to build network of contacts where trusted people are available on gigs to let one or two people come along to observe and learn. But: “I have been told recently that the laws have changed, and that now, me for example, even inviting somebody along to…

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Bad Sound Review: rebuttal

5 Dec 2011

Angus Davidson is the FOH  Engineer for Kimbra and one of the ‘sloppy technicians’ described by Rachel Olding in a Sydney Morning Herald review of Homebake 2011. Quote: …’ARIA single-of-the-year co-star Kimbra, whose big-band, soul-driven set was watered down by sloppy technicians but still delivered the hits just the way we like them.’ Now Tim Freedman’s show…

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