30 Jun 2014

Clear-Com Release HelixNet v2 Hardware

HelixNet, Clear-Com’s networked digital partyline system has been given two new members to the family, the HelixNet HRM Remote Master Station and the HelixNet HKB flush mount or desktop mount key station.

Developing the new range of network partyline, Clear-Com have filled out the range of HelixNet products with the release of the v2 hardware. With additional ways to connect and to power the new range, this is the logical choice in a new evolution of partyline products.

The HRM HelixNet Remote Master Station provides the same font panel, operation, flexibility of the HMS HelixNet master, without the Powerline PSU included.


The HRM provides four full functioning OLED displays and comms keysets, program audio input and stage announce output, as seen with the HMS, but also includes a 4-wire I/O, opto input and relay output for foot switches or connection to two-way radio, matrix or other external comms devices.

Power and connection is now made easier with the option of Powerline or Ethernet ports, and the ability to power by either Powerline, PoE or Local DC powering.

The HKB desktop or flush mount key station allows the user to assign any four of the channels available on the HelixNet network to the keysets providing four channels of listen and two channels of talk at any one time.


The HKB utilises the same OLED displays as the master station with the ability to tilt the display to suit the users seating or standing level depending on where the station is mounted. A simple shift key is provided for the user to be able to select between the channels which have been assigned to the station.

Communication and power connection is provided the same as the HRM with Powerline, PoE/Ethernet and local power connections provided.

An optional S-Mount enclosure can be purchased to suit the HKB for easy and portable desktop mounting.

Clear-Com have opened up the range with the ability to have these units connected by Ethernet and PoE powered, to allow a large number of units on the network either locally or remotely located where cable limitation may have previously been an issue. This also means customers can use their existing LAN and/or analogue infrastructure to run the beltpacks and remote stations cutting down on recabling costs associated with other digital partyline systems.

For more information on the Clear-Com’s HelixNet range, visit or contact:

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