31 Oct 2018

From Projector to Plate – Encore Serve up a Sensory Feast


From Projector to Plate – Encore Serve up a Sensory Feast

Photo Credits: EventPix

Encore Event Technologies invited corporate clients to ‘Experience Encore’, an evening of great food, wine and entertainment on Monday 10 September at the National Art School in Sydney’s Darlinghurst.

Upon arrival, guests met in the courtyard of the Cell Block Theatre for cocktails and canapés before taking their seats. A spectacular table projection sequence set the scene, choreographed perfectly with the opening track.


Justine Schofield

Popular culinary personality, TV host, and author Justine Schofield designed the amazing menu inspiring Encore’s production services team to develop a dreamlike sensory experience. The audience were transported on a culinary and sensory journey like no other, from kinetic lighting and custom table projection mapping to the food and entertainment.

Encore Managing Director, Tony Chamberlain, and National Sales Director, Michael Magafa, opened the evening and introduced Justine to present her exclusive menu. Each course had a uniquely themed kinetic light show; the ceviche entrée and matching wine saw tables transformed into a beautiful underwater wonderland.

As the second course of sticky beef cheek was announced, the room transformed to reflect a rural kaleidoscope of foliage.  The final dessert course was a delicious panna cotta, designed by Justine, aptly named, ‘Encore’. The dish ignited the final animation, a stunning soft pink and white design, wrapped up the culinary experience.

“We were projecting onto two rectangular tables, 120 cm wide by about 10 metres long,” said Encore’s National Head of Production Dan Lourenco. “We used four Panasonic PT-DZ16K projectors per table running at 1920×1200 resolution.  “We ran our new eight-core fibre optic cables with two runs to each truss, which saved us time and gave us some spare lines. We also got to use our new Belram HXT2 4K extenders, with four per truss, and the whole thing was all fed by a disguise 4x4pro media server.”

Encore initially created a 3D model of the room, including the tables, in disguise’s Designer software. This model was exported and given to the content designer, who overlayed their content on the 3D model. Encore staff were then able to play back the content for checking within the model. After it was approved, the content was sent to Encore via their high speed Aspera Faspex file collaboration system, downloaded, and uploaded into the disguise 4x4pro.

With disguise handling edge blending and warping, the tech staff’s attention could turn to other details.

“What have you got on the table, that’s the important thing,” explained Dan. “You need to think about cutlery, glasses, plates, and centrepieces, and how they’re interacting with the projection. The idea was to bring the culinary experience and technology together without either one being dominant, so the content and the food were made to complement each other.

“There were white light scenes in the content so you can see your food. The last thing you want is green lighting on a beautiful piece of ceviche; it’d make the food look terrible.”

Vickianne Lane, Principal, Flick It To Me Solutions, said the evening was a truly unique experience that showcased the skills of the Encore team.  “I was taken on a sensory experience – the food, the immersive visuals, the music, all came together so seamlessly. It was wonderfully creative,” she said.

Michael Magafa, Encore Event Technologies, said the evening was a great way for Encore to say thank you to their clients.  “The event’s aim was to say thank you to our clients by offering a memorable experience in every aspect. I’m always so proud to showcase the creative concepts that our team deliver.”


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