30 Nov 2021

LD Systems MAUI 28 G2

by Brent Riley

Brent Riley is the Manager at QLD Sound and Lighting, and a FOH sound engineer with 20 years’ experience. Based on the Gold Coast, QLD Sound and Lighting provide full-service event production, along with an extensive retail sales arm.

Our LD Systems MAUI 28 G2 is one of the mainstays of our dry hire business. It appeals to our customers because it is powerful and sounds incredible, but its real strength is in its simplicity. There are no menu-driven screens to scroll through, and there are only limited controls, basically just overall level and post-fader sub level. The feedback we get from our customers is that the MAUI 28 G2 is just super easy to use.

A lot of the customers taking out the MAUI are musical solos or duos running an external mixer. They simply plug in, adjust the master, and that’s it. With units that had more control, we always had problems and calls for support when they’d get into trouble going through menus and making adjustments. It doesn’t happen with the MAUI.


While you can run two as a stereo system, we generally only ever hire them out on their own. Even I will admit that I was sceptical at first that one unit could put out enough power for some of these gigs, but I’ve never had a customer say they needed more volume. In fact, very much the opposite. We’ve had some customers who have gone on to purchase the MAUI 28 G2 after hiring them, and some of them have bought two, but only ever go out with one.

Their coverage is 120 degrees horizontal by 20 degrees vertical, which is a little different to other comparable products, but it suits the applications it was designed for and works well. Their construction is solid as a rock, and the steel locking pins that hold the top column in place work perfectly. I demo them by grabbing the column and shaking it back and forth aggressively, and it never disconnects.

The LD Systems MAUI 28 G2 is built very well, priced keenly, and sounds fantastic for its price point.


The Specs

All-in-one column speaker for PA and monitor applications

Max. SPL (peak): 126 dB

Frequency response: 45 Hz – 20 kHz

Dispersion (H x V): 120° x 20 °

Low/mid drivers: 2x 8”

Midrange drivers: 16x 3”

Tweeters: 2x 1”


Line inputs: 2x stereo, RCA, XLR/6.3 mm jack

Line outputs: 2x XCLR (1x System Out, 1x Sub Out)

Mic inputs: 1x Mic inputs, XLR/6.3 mm jack

Line input: 1x 3.5 mm jack

Hi-Z inputs: 1x 6.3 mm jack


Bluetooth switch, Hi-Z Level, Line level, Main level, Mono/stereo switch, MP3/Bluetooth Level, Power, Sub level


Class D, peak output 2000W


Bit depth AD/DA converter: 24 bit

Internal sampling frequency: 48 kHz


Subwoofer (WxHxD): 370mm, 484mm, 480mm

Subwoofer weight: 19.7 kg

Mid/Hi system (WxHxD): 96mm, 780 / 795 mm, 104mm

Mid/Hi system weight: 5.6 kg


LD Systems MAUI 28 G2 RRP:
$1,899 inc GST

Column Bag: RRP $89 inc GST

Sub Bag: RRP $79 inc GST

Castor board: RRP $199 inc GST

Wall mount adapter kit: RRP $199 inc GST


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