2 Jul 2015

Review: RUSH Gobo Projector 1


It took all of three minutes for the entire of the CX office to reach a consensus about the RUSH Gobo Projector 1, and the consensus is that we all think it’s great.  But why?

I guess it’s important to understand the function of a gobo projector – most commonly they’re used for corporate branding.  Be it outside a nightclub, or at the base of an escalator in a shopping centre, a good gobo projector just needs to get the job done reliably and with a minimum of fuss.  Often these things will run 24/7, or need to be switched by some kind of timer system.

It’s been a considerable while since I saw a dedicated gobo projector release.  That’s not to say there hasn’t been one, but the last gobo specific fixture I can remember hit the market more than a decade ago, and it used a discharge lamp.  It was bright, but it was also fragile and got very hot during operation.  Of course the option to use a theatre style ellipsoidal or profile fixture is always there, but again they get hot, they’re fragile, and they’re definitely not very portable.

The RUSH Gobo Projector 1 uses a 20W LED light source which is completely convection cooled.  Most of the rear body of the fixture is heatsink fin, so with this many fins each one only needs to disperse a little heat.  This means the unit remains quite cool even after many hours of operation.  Convection cooling uses no fans, so the fixture operates silently.

The projector accommodates “E size” gobos with a maximum image diameter 24 mm, and a maximum thickness of 3mm.  The gobo is installed into a carrier ring, which is then inserted into the fixture optical path and attaches magnetically to the rotation mechanism.  The mechanism can rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise at a couple of different speeds, or stopped in one position.  The magnetic gobo carrier makes it easy to level the projected image if required.

The RUSH Gobo Projector 1 is a compact device to start with, and made even more so thanks to a telescoping front lens assembly.  The front lens holder simply pulls out on a pair of notched rods, with fine focus then achieved by rotating the front lens.  The fixture is supplied on a yoke with mounting holes and a reasonable degree of tilt allowed for.  It literally takes all of 10 seconds to position and focus the fixture, and when you’re done with it just pull the power, slide the lens in, and drop it in your backpack.  It’s wonderfully simply, and completely effective.

  • Brand:  RUSH by Martin
  • Model:  RUSH Gobo Projector 1
  • RRP: Aud$934.00 inc GST
  • Product Info:
  • Distributor:


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