6 Jul 2020

Robert Juliat Sully RJ 650SX

The Robert Juliat Sully RJ 650SX profile series is an LED alternative to the classic 1kW theatre zoom profile. This variable zoom profile range features a high-quality 115W warm white LED source. It delivers a white light (CRI of 96 / TM-30 Rf=92 Rg=98 / TLCI of 97) and an output comparable to a 1000W tungsten luminaire. A cool white LED version is also available for times when ‘daylight’ rendering is required. Sully profiles offer accurate framing with clean shutter cuts and superb gobo projection. With its silent operation, Sully 650SX offers three zoom options – 28°-54°, 16°-35° and 11°-26°.

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Robert Juliat Sully RJ 650SX


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