30 Nov 2021

Turbosound iNSPIRE iP 1000 V2

by by Joel Grace

Joel Grace is the owner and operator of Sydney’s Northern Beaches PA Hire, an audio-visual equipment hire and setup business servicing parties, DJs, weddings, bands, and conferences.

We had the iP 1000s in our hire stock for some time, before I sold them to a colleague who was desperate to own them! We were hiring the Turbosound iP 1000 to a lot of solo acts, particularly singer-songwriters. They were typically going out on gigs with 50 to 100 punters, indoors. With two 8” woofers in the sub, and eight 2.75″ drivers in the mid-highs plus a 1” tweeter, the iP 1000 has lots of DSP, great horizontal dispersion, and is quick and easy to set up.

Overall, the iP 1000 is very light and portable, which is perfect for solos and duos. We found that they could often get away without having foldback speakers, as the dispersion was so wide, and there were no gain before feedback issues. If space was ever a consideration at a gig, the iP 1000 was perfect; it was very compact.


A real selling point of the iP 1000 is that it comes with a 10 year warranty. Not that I’ve ever had any problems with Turbosound products, but that is impressive support. If you’re going to be hiring it out or using it regularly on gigs, it will be taking some abuse. It’s good to know you’ve got great back-up.

Sonically, I found the EQ and reverb were really nice on vocals. The vocal reproduction and clarity is good, and the sub is well matched. Operationally, the Bluetooth connectivity is easy, and the stereo link between two iP 1000s is great for DJs and bands with backing tracks.

Both the hardware controller on the unit and the Turbo Control iOS app were both very easy to use. Overall, I found the iP 1000 to be bulletproof and affordable, with a solid sound and great back-up. It represented good ROI for businesses like ours and had a well-defined place in the market.

The Specs

1000 Watt Powered Column Loudspeaker with Klark Teknik Spatial Sound Technology, digital mixer, reverb, remote control via iOS, and Bluetooth audio streaming

Frequency response (-10dB):
43 Hz – 20 kHz

Nominal dispersion: 120° H @ -6 dB points

Maximum SPL: 122 dB

Crossover type: 4 way, active and passive

Lows: 2x 8” (208 mm) LF drivers

Mids and Highs: 8x 2.75” MF drivers, 1x 1” HF compression driver


Class-D, Maximum output power 1000 W, three channels


Inputs: 2 x XLR/combo jack

Link output: XLR.

Master-slave: stereo pairing link

Version: Bluetooth 4.0 dual mode


Hardware: Rotary push-encoder

Display: LCD 128 x 32, blue, backlit

Software: iOS interface via Bluetooth


Factory EQ presets: Positioning,
Sound mode

Equalisation: Bass, middle and treble

Protection: Lock-out function for all settings


Dimensions (H x W x D): 1955 x 262 x 370 mm

Base: 655 x 262 x 370 mm

Tower: 1300 x 103 x 89 mm

Weight: 24.8 kg


iP1000 V2: RRP $1,399 inc GST

iP1000TB: Deluxe water resistant transport bag for iP1000 Column, RRP $79 inc GST

iP1000PC: Deluxe water resistant protective cover for iP1000 Subwoofer, RRP $119


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