No Fyre as Himalaya Festival avalanches

12 May 2021

Not everything is as it seems with the proposed Himalaya Festival, slated for late May at Sydney’s Olympic Park

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Integrate attendance is solid – WorkSafe gives all-clear after set-up incident

28 Aug 2019

by Jason Allen The big news out of Integrate started the day before the show opened. A stand wall that was not yet secured to either the floor or overhead rigging was loaded up with LED panels, with predictable results. The entire thing crashed to the ground, taking a scaff tower with it, and into…

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Sydney Turns Off the Lights – Election season proves there are no votes won on venues

1 May 2019

by Julius Grafton While Melbourne is lauded as one of the most vibrant music venue cities, NSW faces the reality of a re-elected state government that fought an election partly defined by its ‘War on Festivals’ and standing firm on ‘lock-out laws’ that have crippled nightlife. Plus the chronic shortage of live theatre space, which…

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A Traveller’s Tale: Flying High on the A380

29 Apr 2019

DUNK”S WORLD A Traveller’s Tale: Flying High on the A380 by Duncan Fry.   I see on the news that Airbus is ceasing production of its jumbo-riffic giant of the skies – the A380, citing changing tastes in passenger’s plane requirements. It turns out it’s a bit thirsty, and needs to be full of passengers…

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A Christmas AV Fable – Cruella under the spotlight

11 Dec 2018

By Anonymous* Cruella de AV steered her Roller into the car park and ascended the unswept stairs to the regional office. Sue the receptionist quaked in fear at her desk, the six incoming phone lines unlit and five staff upstairs unaware of what was to happen. ‘Who are YOU?’ Cruella spat. Without waiting for an…

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Steve Devine still at large…

14 Mar 2018
Steve Devine

Industry mainstay, late of Meyer Sound Australia and restorer of fine fixtures as Devine Lights, Stephen Devine, has confirmed that a mooted partnership with Jands is not to be after all. “After much discussion, Jands and I decided not to proceed with any business arrangement,” confirmed Steve. “I am now looking for other opportunities.” With…

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Adelaide soundguy lives up to tired stereotype, regrets it immediately, apologises.

6 Mar 2018

As reported at themusic.com.au and on social media, a sound tech at Adelaide’s The Gov managed to insult a female band member with a sexist comment last Friday, moments before she was to take the stage. Reportedly asking ‘How’s the glass ceiling going for you?’ of said band member, the sound tech was consequently flayed…

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Rumours, Bits & Bytes. Wed 22 November

22 Nov 2017

Well known industry guy, Thomas Kelly joins NAS in Sydney as of next Monday, departing Midwich. Prior that he was at Hills, enjoying some of Ted Pretty’s guidance. The (former) supreme leader of Hills is currently at a listed startup called Covata – which he says ‘listed too early, promised too much, delivered too little’. He…

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Comment: If I Don’t Have This Product will I Die?

3 Nov 2017

Tech Tools If I Don’t Have This Product will I Die? The live production industry is capital intensive and significant ongoing investment is required to stay current. It is complicated by the fact that most people in the business are there because they love it. That means the decision to buy the latest gear is…

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Biz Talk: Sliced or Dazzled? Get slowly baked in a dud franchise

28 Oct 2017

REGULARS Sliced or Dazzled? Get slowly baked in a dud franchise By Julius Grafton. Dominos Pizza is in trouble with its investors who loved that the stock hit $80 a share and now cry as the stock is falling under $40. Led by a charismatic CEO, Dominos painted a pretty picture of rising profits and…

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Jands fly them in to launch Robe

12 Oct 2017

12 October, By Julius Grafton. The theme ãt Fõx Studiõs wãs Czech, frõm the beer tõ the schñitzel – dõwn tõ the wãit staff whõ ãll hãd Thãt Accent. Jands pulled out all the stops, arranged a seated meal, and called house full. It sure was, with lighting luminaries flown in from across the land,…

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Chicken Bosses Legs Found to be Tender

11 Oct 2017

By Simon Byrne Years ago, we were hired to provide production for the NSW Sales Development Conference for a major chicken fast food franchise group at Salamandar Bay, north of Newcastle. The last morning of the 3 day conference was outsourced to a “professional motivational team”. On meeting the “team”, we immediately concluded that they…

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