7 Jul 2020

Diagramming for free – Draw.IO

We all find ourselves having to create diagrams to communicate our ideas. It might be a stage plot, vision flow chart, rack layout or desk input diagram. Visio is popular for this, but no version exists for Mac users. And many people use tools that are either way too complicated for the job such as Vectorworks, or at the other extreme, Microsoft Word!

There is a better way. is a free diagramming application that allows users to create and share diagrams within a web browser, or you can download the desktop app for macOS, Windows and Linux. Think of it as a free Visio, but without the grief. is powerful, but simple enough to get stuff done quickly and intuitively. It comes with a host of built in icons, clipart, arrows etc and you can import your own as well with full connection functionality. You can import images as icons too.

As you’d expect, it has full support for snapping, including connection between icons. You simply drag an arrow from one to the next and Draw.IO does all the connecting and layout on screen so you can rapidly build up a diagram.

The online version allows saving to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, so that opens up online sharing and editing. It also has layer support which is great for teams. Perfect for those of us who have to collaborate remotely. is a must-have application.

Try it online or download it here:
Get more icons here:

You’re welcome.

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