31 Oct 2019

Projection in CX Magazine


In case you missed – here are individual story links from our October feature on Projection, plus a selection of further reading on the topic from CX Magazine …


The Electric Canvas – White Night Reimagined by Jason Allen
Colour Quality in Projection by Simon Byrne
River of Light by Cat Strom
Illuminart – Travelling Light by Cat Strom
Clipped Music Video Festival presented by Digital Projection
The Perfect Projection Surface for Blending by Norbert Schmiedeberg

PROJECTION SPECIAL – CX Magazine October 2018:

Creative Projection Mapping with TDC’s Pete Lynn
Antartica – While You Were Sleeping
Choosing the Best Projector
Technology Engages Students in Learning
From Projector to Plate – Encore Serve up a Sensory Feast
3D Modular Panels for Projection Mapping
Borderless Projection in the Age of LED
Video Projection History – The Talaria
Simon Byrne: Let There Be Projected Light
Duncan Fry: Snow Job – The Projector from the Smithsonian

See also:
CX150 August 2019 – VIDEO
Video File Formats, Containers and Codecs by Simon Byrne
How To Shoot on a Submarine by Simon Davies
A Wicked Production by Cat Strom
Creative LED Programming with the P3 Mix Channel by Martin Lighting
Intel Extreme Masters by Cat Strom
Media Transport by Chris Dodds
Avid reimagines Media Composer
Arkaos Kling-Net by Simon Pentz

CX147 April 2019 – PIXELS
The world before digital pixels by Simon Byrne
MultiView – 3D projected collaboration
What is a pixel, anyway? by John O’Brien
Imaging Science Foundation Seminars
The Electric Canvas at The Commonwealth Games
LED Pixels – a User’s Guide

CX139 August 2018 – VIDEO
Simon Byrne: NDI Professional Video Over IP

Holograms – A User’s Guide to Blowing Minds” p.18, CX 128 August 2017

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