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Name: Michael Cassel Group


Email: info@michaelcassel.com

Location: Sydney, NSW

To lead the producing and planning of the Michael Cassel Group’s current and future program of productions and development projects, the current productions of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two, The Lion King and Hamilton. To be responsible for managing all current and future productions and production teams to deliver all productions to an international, first-class standard. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team to participate in the development and strategy of all aspects of the Michael Cassel Group.

The ideal candidate will be someone who has strong producing skills on large scale shows, internationally respected with extensive technical and financial expertise, who can organise and manage multiple projects.

A key focus of the role will be to mentor, nurture, coach and grow the team of Associate Producers, Creative Development staff and  and production personnel.


General Management and Production 

  • Head up the current and future theatrical productions
  • Produce and deliver all live entertainment projects under the direction of the CEO/Producer in a manner fitting a world-class international theatrical production or event (“Production”).
  • To develop, implement and oversee the delivery of the company’s Productions, including, but not limited to administration, planning, budgeting, casting, rehearsal, technical planning.
  • Supervise the delivery of each Production, providing leadership and direction for the company’s production team (Associate Producer and general management staff). 
  • Ensure each production integrates with other departments and to maintain regular communication with the CEO/Producer on the production process for each project.
  • Ensure consistency across productions of process, deal terms, approach and policy – establish “best practice” within the production department and communicate accordingly.
  • Manage staffing resources, planning for future projects and identification of new personnel or opportunities to transfer existing personnel across Productions. 
  • Ensure that effective and informed communication continues across all departments of the organisation in relation to productions at all stages of planning, delivery and future development.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of Production budgets (production, operating and transfer) with a forensic eye for financial detail, ensuring accuracy and timeliness of reporting by each Associate Producer and Production Accountant.
  • Monitor and authorise all production related expenditure 
  • Ensure consistency across productions of contracting and legal framework.
  • Attendance at all production meetings, providing senior representation and leadership.
  • Interface with Production, Creative, and Technical departments to ensure show timings for the delivery of each project are established and met and manage the advancement of tasks to meet contractual milestones.
  • Liaise with legal counsel on matters relating to Productions.
  • Provide advice and recommendations as reasonably necessary in relation to all productions.
  • Contribute to the risk analysis of each Production.
  • Oversee the smooth running of the productions and general management function.
  • Attend running shows on a regular basis.
  • Attend previews, including tech notes sessions, preview meetings, press nights and last nights, as well as any other company events as required. 
  • Lead the evaluation process for each Production, ensuring that learning is identified and applied on a rolling basis to inform future planning and to ensure the highest standards of delivery for all Productions.

Production and Development

  • Development of potential projects for delivery in Australia and in international or touring markets – development of ideas from concept through to commission and production, including initial budget preparation and review.
  • Organise readings and workshops, managing those budgets and any external liaison with third party contractors.
  • Research availability of rights, options and deadlines for plays and musicals.
  • Attend and contribute to planning meetings (both artistic and financial) involving the discussion of the future projects.
  • Procure resources to select composers, lyricists, book writers, music arrangers, orchestrators for projects.
  • Create relationships with key stakeholders, underlying rights participants and authors.
  • Establish relationships with artists and theatrical agents.
  • Hold pulse on current theatrical climate. Knowledge of shows running in Australia, on Broadway, Off-Broadway, West End and fringe.


  • Work with the CEO/Producer and other Heads of Departments in the formulation of annual and long-term project planning.
  • Establish, review and oversee the implementation of policies and procedures that ensure MCG complies with all legal and regulatory requirements including governance, HR, performance, risk and other related matters.
  • Provide relevant information for reports to the company’s executive.
  • Manage company’s competitive landscape tracking.
  • Undertake and implement effective and appropriate communication, both internally and externally.
  • Provide the CEO with reports on the maintenance of the commercial and artistic standard of all shows
  • Keep abreast of all current industry practice guidelines, responsibilities and duties and represent the company in these areas when and if necessary.


  • Required to work collaboratively and willingly with a small-team that is “all hands on deck”. 
  • Position is required to ensure that such work is undertaken in accordance with the company’s policies.


  • 10+ years of high-level production leadership on large scale, international productions with strong emphasis on budgeting, scheduling, general management and production; strong experience in the entertainment industry.
  • Demonstrated success coaching and mentoring producers and production personnel.
  • Demonstrated abilities to work effectively and productively with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders in multiple territories.
  • A demonstrated capacity to provide leadership to create and instil a high-performance, collaborative and supportive culture within the company and its productions and activities.
  • Ability to think and plan strategically for the company and its productions and activities.
  • Ability to communicate and lead through significant change in the company and in the external operating environment.
  • Proven capabilities to be an effective advocate for the company and its productions.
  • Experience and abilities in negotiating, setting and administering production budgets.

Capabilities and Competencies

  • Proven abilities to effectively and efficiently manage the financial, human and intellectual resources of a fast-paced company.
  • A proven ability to provide leadership within an organisation.
  • Proven experience of preparing and managing complex budgets
  • Demonstrated financial acumen including setting and achieving budgets, particularly in a sometimes challenging yet commercial international environment.
  • Demonstrated abilities to work effectively and productively with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Advanced communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills to identify, develop and maintain creative and commercial partnerships with a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • The ability to work collaboratively with the Senior Leadership Team
  • A dedication to the wellbeing of company.
  • Proven commercial and entrepreneurial abilities.

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